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This Could be Rotterdam...

2nd -5th Jan 2019

A visit to Rotterdam via the Eurostar from London  - a city that is reinventing itself with some amazing modern architecture and art galleries.

This Could be Rotterdam

In Flanders Fields

21-26 Nov 2018

My visit to the beautiful towns of Ghent, Bruges and Ypres, in Belgium.

In Flanders Fields

Lingonberries and Space-transcending Crows : Helsinki and Tallinn

24th Sept - 1st Oct 2018

Having visited the Faroe Islands earlier in the summer, I still had a yearning for some more Nordic adventures. I had a look at the atlas and decided that Helsinki would be an ideal destination. Not only is it a beautiful city but it's also ideally placed for a visit to another country and destination - Tallinn, in Estonia, only a couple of hours away by ferry.

Lingonberries and Space-transcending Crows

Cows on a Beach

20th Aug 2018

While out walking along our beautiful North Coast I was surprised to encounter a herd of cows on a beach, at White Park Bay, apparently sunbathing! Click below for more pictures:

Cows on a Beach

World Map of Photo Locations

18th Aug 2018

After playing about with the website a bit I realised that I could add an interactive map of where my pictures were taken. It doesn't show all pictures but if you click on the picture that pops up on the map, it'll take you to the gallery and you can browse other pictures in and around that location.

You can access the map through the World Map option on the menu, or click on the link below.

World Map

The Faroe Islands

16th-23rd July 2018

I've wanted to visit the Faroe Islands for several years, after seeing a book of photographs taken there while I was in a bookshop in Reykjavik. It looked so...different - the dramatic scenery, the turf-roofed houses, the puffins. Well, last week I finally got to go and I wasn't disappointed (ok, the weather could have been a bit better, but you can't have everything).

Click the link below for an account of my trip:

The Faroe Islands

Sunshine in the Sperrins

2nd Jul 2018

A weekend in the lovely Sperrins region of Northern Ireland.

Click on the pictures below to go to the gallery.


8th May 2018

Pictures from my trip to Inverness in Scotland. The city is beautifully located at the start of the Scottish Highlands. I was particularly impressed by Culloden battlefield, scene of the last pitched battle in Great Britain, in 1746.

Click below for an account of my visit.


Sunshine in Strangford

29th April 2018

It's always a pleasure to visit Strangford village, in Co. Down, but when the sun is shining, like it was this weekend, it brings it to a whole other level. Some pictures below:

Sunny Strangford


16th April 2018

I first visited Florence 30 years ago (I can hardly believe it!) while Inter-Railing, so it was great to get to revisit it last week after all these years. Click the link below for pictures from the trip.



17th March 2018

The beautiful Roman and Georgian architecture of Bath - click on the picture below to see pictures from my trip.

Shortlisted for Black and White Photographer of the Year

15th Jan 2018

I was very pleased to find out recently that I had been shortlisted for Black and White Photography magazine's Photographer of the Year and, while I didn't win, one of my two shortlisted pictures was published in the printed magazine, and the other one in the digital edition. The two shortlisted pictures are below; the first one, taken at Alcatraz, was published in the printed magazine. I liked how the ranger's hat was mirrored by the lamp and its shadow. The second one was taken in Belfast (in fact, I was testing out a new lens and this was literally the second shot I took with it, so I'm very proud of the picture!)

There were some some brilliant photographs entered in the competition so I'm honoured to have made the final cut.

Older Blog Entries:

2nd Jan 2018 A Hipster New Year

New Year spent in hipster paradise Shoreditch, East London - a great chance to explore the street art and meet up with family.

Hipster New Year

24th Dec 2017 Paris

Just returned from my first visit to Paris in 12 years. Click below for pictures from the trip.


27th Nov 2017 - New York, New York

I've just returned from my fifth trip to New York - click below to see my pictures.

New York, New York

11th Nov 2017 - My Father's House

Revisiting the house that my father grew up in, in Co. Sligo.

My Father's House

16th Oct 2017 - Sligo

A weekend in Sligo, while storm Ophelia rapidly approaches.

Waiting for Ophelia

10th Oct 2017 - Winterfell Wanderings

Wanderings around the grounds of Winterfell - otherwise known as Castle Ward, Strangford. Game of Thrones is filmed here. It has absolutely beautiful grounds, especially on a sunny Autumnal afternoon.

Winterfell Wanderings

25th Sept 2017 - Orkney Islands

I've just returned from a wonderful trip around the Orkney islands. Click the link below to see a photo story of my trip.

Orkney Islands Trip

July 2017- Runner up EISA

I was delighted to find out recently that I was a runner up in the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association)  Maestro 2017 competition, on the theme of Street life. I submitted a set of pictures mostly taken on my recent visit to Hong Kong. 

Some of the winning picture were featured in a recent addition of the UK's Amateur Photographer magazine.

You can see the pictures here

July 2017 - Adventures in Sweden

Some pictures from my recent visit to Sweden. What a beautiful country, - wonderful landscapes and friendly people.

Incredibly expensive though - a beer was typically about £8 and a glass of wine seemed to start at £10!

Adventures in Sweden

July 2017 - Rambles in Kilbroney

Rambles around Kilbroney, in Northern Ireland's beautiful Mourne Mountains

Rambles in Kilbroney

June 2017 - The Killard Peninsula

I'm a frequent visitor to this beautiful part of Co. Down, having an aunt in nearby Strangford.

Click the link below to see pictures from my last visit:

The Killard Peninsula

April 2017 - The Abandoned Village of Yim Tin Tsai

While in Hong Kong in April I was fortunate to get to visit the abandoned village on the island of Yim Tin Tsai.

The island , in the New Territories, was first settled in the Nineteeth century by Hakka people who were later converted to Christianity by missionaries. The community gradually diminished and was completely abandoned 20 or 30 years ago, with the houses left to rot. In recent years it has become something of a tourist attraction.

Click below to see the gallery.

The Abandoned Village of Yim Tin Tsai

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