Recent Pictures - Feldore McHugh

  • The impressive Empire Hotel, as viewed from Parade Gardens.

  • Walking back into Bath along the river on my final morning.

  • More weeping willow by the canal...

  • Walking along by the canal, from Sydney Gardens

  • The canal passing through Sydney Gardens. A railway line also cuts right through the gardens - you can stand and watch the trains zoom by.

  • The Holburne museum, in Sydney Gardens.

  • The banqueting hall in the Guildhall.

  • The fantastic Palladian bridge at Prior Park. There are only three other bridges like this in the world.

  • Winter wonderland in the grounds of Prior Park.

  • A little bit of creative composing as this was as close as I could get to the house (it's now a school).

  • Prior Park in the snow.

  • This is the grave of Arnold Ridley, who played Private Godfrey in Dad's Army. I stumbled upon it by accident when I noticed the framed picture on the grave.

  • Angel in the snow, in the graveyard of Bath Abbey.

  • The picturesque graveyard of Bath Abbey, actually a bit outside the town. It looked fantastic in the snow.

  • An old mill/pump house and weeping willow by the canal, as I walked out to Prior Park.

  • Canal boats along by the river.

  • Perfect weather for a spot of tobogganing!

  • Snow fell on the Saturday night.

  • Bath Abbey silhouetted at sunset.

  • An angel sculpture in Parade Gardens, by the river.

  • A classy door-knocker.

  • This mirror, in the Assembly Rooms, is reflecting a mirror on the opposite wall, which is reflecting the first mirror reflecting head's starting to hurt.

  • The impressive chandeliers in the Ball Room of the Assembly Rooms, centre of fashionable Georgian life in the town.

  • The wonderful curves of the Royal Crescent.

  • The wonderful Pulteney Bridge, one of only four in the world to have shops along its span on both sides.

  • Ok, no-one is this wonderful.

  • Sheep, horses, bulls, camels and beavers (or possibly a giant guinea pig) - what's going on here?

  • A beautiful little side chapel in Bath Abbey,

  • The wonderfully intricate ceiling of Bath Abbey.

  • The Sacred Spring that feeds into the baths. Offerings were thrown into the water - more than 12,000 Roman coins were recovered. People also threw "curse" tablets in the water - bits of lead inscribed with the names of people suspected of having stolen something (such as an item of clothing) or having committed some other crime.

  • The Roman Baths. Up until the 1970s people were still allowed into the water.

  • A fantastic gilt bronze head of the goddess Sulis Minerva found in the 18th century by sewer workers, near the baths. Originally it would have been part of a statue in the temple at the baths.

  • The Roman Baths, with Bath Abbey in the background. The upper levels of the building and the statues are Victorian.

  • He came, he saw... a Victorian statue of Caesar at the Roman Baths.

  • Looking through the window of the Pump Room - from the Eighteenth century people came here to socialise and drink the spa water.

  • Beautiful buildings in Bath contrast with the tents of the homeless.

  • Apparently the director Wes Anderson was so taken with this little independent cinema he put it in The Fantastic Mister Fox.

  • The Ring of Brodgar 3

    Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Islands

  • The Ring of Brodgar 2

    Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Islands

  • The Ring of Brodgar

    Ring of Brodgar, Orkney Islands

  • Little Woman

    Chinatown, New York

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