This is actually from last year, but I was rather pleased with this Lensculture submission review for my entry to their Black and White awards. 

Dear Feldore, thank you for your submission to LensCulture. It is a pleasure to review your images. This series is breathtaking. I ascribe to the saying that "bad weather makes for great photographs", and your series upholds that sentiment. I have never had the pleasure of visiting the Faroe Islands, so I cannot speak to your question about the conveying a "sense" of them. However, I can speak with confidence that your images make me long for the opportunity to travel there and see the islands for myself.

To answer your question about the quality of the post-processing, I think you've done a fine job. Your images are high contrast, which I find appealing in work like this. Though the tones are heavier in the highlight and shadow areas than in the mid-tone range, you still do a fine job of dropping in tones in the middle-to-dark range. Essentially, while your contrast is high, you have not obliterated the necessary detail in these photographs. As a result, they look to be purposely rendered this way, and I think the high contrast punch is elegant and eye-catching.

When evaluating images I run through a mental check list based on factors like craft/technique, content/organization, and creativity. I must say your series ticks each box. While you are almost solely focused on the landscape, your images don't suffer from redundancy. You've addressed the composition and organization of elements within the frame masterfully as well. In every regard, I see a highly polished and highly resolved body of work that I believe other viewers will certainly respond to positively. It is rare when I come across a body of work that wouldn't benefit from slight adjustments here or there, so please know I'm not phoning in my response to your work. It's simply buttoned up, well-made, and aesthetically significant.

I recommend looking for exhibition and publication opportunities, which I see is one of your goals. I'll include links to venues and other contests below. I'll also link you to resources that are meant to help and inspire. Again, I love what you've made. I wish you well as you look for placement for your work, and I thank you again for your submission.

You can see some of the pictures I submitted below.

Lost in the Faroes

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